In Bremen, executive authorities attempted to evade a public debate about the practice of administration of emetics. “I tried not to involve the public“, were the words of Henning Scherf in his role as competent Senator of Justice as early as 1996. In Bremen’s parliament, the administration of emetics was hardly a topic of discussion, but when it became one, then it was very prominent. After the death of Achidi John in Hamburg in 2001, the Grand Coalition turn down an application by Bündnis 90 (The Green Party) to immediately stop this forced administration. After the killing of Mr. Condé in 2005, the same coalition eventually passed an application from within its own ranks to initially suspend the forced administration of emetics. Mayor Scherf, however, tied the continuation in office of Bremen’s much criticized Senator of the Interior, Röwekamp, to his own fate, to that of the government at the time and Bremen’s financial future in federal negotiations.