Achidi John, City of Hamburg

Achidi John was the first fatality of emetic torture in Germany. He was arrested by the Hamburg police on December 8, 2001, and died four days later, on December 12, 2001, after being forcibly administered emetics at the Eppendorf University Hospital (UKE). Achidi John offered resolute resistance, but stood no chance against the superior force of police and doctors. He was 19 years old. No one was ever held legally accountable for his death; even after his death, the forced administration of emetics continued in Hamburg.

This had only been introduced in Hamburg a few months earlier. The introduction of emetic torture was decreed by Hamburg’s then Senator of the Interior and now Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In Bremen, after the killing of Achidi John, the Green Party faction in the state parliament filed a motion to end the practice of emetic torture in Bremen. This was rejected by the SPD, CDU and DVU and the compulsory distribution of emetics continued.

X Entschädigung für alle Betroffenen von Brechmittelfolter