Laye Condé and his familiy

Laye-Alama Condé was born in 1969 in Kabala, Sierra Leone, as the eldest child of his mother Fatma Tarawalli. In 2000, he decided to flee to Europe – also to better provide for his family. He arrived in Germany in 2001.

Laye Condé had several siblings; together with his mother, his brother, Namantjan Condé, who then lived in Belgium, took part in the first Bremen trial of the doctor who killed Laye Condé while administering emetics.

Namantjan Condé later committed suicide in Belgium; for a few years now, the initiative in memory of Laye Alama Condé has been in contact with another brother, Bangaly Condé, a mining engineer living in Conakry/Guinea.

For the commemoration rally on January 7, 2021, Bangaly Condé sent a greeting message (in French), also his mother Fatma Tarawalli sent some words (in a German translation from French) to the attendees. For the commemoration rally on January 7, 2023, Bangaly Condé sent another greeting message (in French).

Newspaper interview with Bangaly Condé:

Brother of Laye Condé in interview: “We have not received any apology”. On January 7, 2005, Laye Condé died as a result of the forced administration of emetics by the police in Bremen. Condé’s brother demands clarification and help for the family in the taz interview

taz v. 06.01.2014

Newspaper interview with Namantjan Condé:

“They don’t want to blame anyone”. After seven months, the emetic trial at the regional court ends today

taz v. 04.12.2008

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