Days of Commemoration 7th of January

Since 2006, commemorative actions, rallies and demonstrations have been held annually on the anniversary of Laye-Alama Condé’s death on January 7. Already since the first commemorative action in 2006, a memorial plaque was erected and remained for weeks at a time at the Sielwalleck in Bremen. From these commemorative actions, the idea of a permanent memorial site developed over the years.

On the day of Mr. Condé’s killing, January 7, 2005,  Oury Jalloh was also murdered by police officers in Dessau. Therefore, Mr. Jalloh was always remembered at the memorial actions in Bremen and there was often contact with actions taking place at the same time in Dessau.

The following overview of the past memorial days gathers – not always completely – in addition to a report also announcements, flyers and photos from the respective years.

Commemoration day 2023 / Commemoration day 2022 / Commemoration day 2021 /

Commemoration day 2020 /Commemoraton day 2019 / Commemoration day 2018 /

Commemoration day 2017 / Commemoration day 2016 /Commemoration day 2015 /

Commemoration day 2014 / Commemoration day 2013

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