People affected report


Here are documented statements of affected persons made in Bremen in the 1990s. The reports were published in 1995 in the brochure “Polizisten, die zum Brechen reizen” (“Policemen who provoke to vomit”) by the Anti-Racism Office.

Especially in the years 1991-95, many affected persons in Bremen resisted with legal means after being subjected to emetic torture. The person who was injected with the emetic apomorphine for the first time in Bremen in 1991 by the police physician Dr. Männche had already filed a criminal complaint at that time. In the following years, criminal charges were filed in about 10 to 15 cases with the support of the Anti-Racism Office against all those involved at all levels of responsibility. All investigative proceedings were discontinued. In one case, the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a compulsory action, but in the end the case was dropped.

„The blood is running out of my nose“ – 1994 (German)

„The policeman says to me that if I don’t drink it right away, he will shoot me.“ – 1993 (German)

„A doctor and a policeman wipe the floor with my clothes“ – 1995 (German)

„I had diarrhea for three days after that“ – 1993 (German)

„I tell him I don’t want to drink the emetic“ – 1994 (German)

„I stay in hospital for treatment for four days“ – n. y. (German)

„If I don’t drint it myself, I’ll be forced to.“ – n. y. (German)


“You don’t feel like a human being, you feel like the last scum. And I want that to stop.”

Interview (ENGLISH) with affected person from 2013, read in by actors:inside from the Theater Bremen.

Manuscript (ENGLISH) of the interview

The read interview with victims from 2013 can also be heard at the Mobile Place of Remembrance, which has been open to visitors at various locations in the city since 2017.

X Entschädigung für alle Betroffenen von Brechmittelfolter