LAYE CONDÉ 1969 – 2005

  • 1969 Laye Condé is born in Kabala/Sierra Leone as the first child of his family. He has several siblings.
  • 2000 At the age of 31, he decides to flee to Europe due to the local political and socio-economic situation.
  • 2001 Laye Condé arrives in Hamburg and is redistributed to Bremen. His asylum application is rejected.
  • 2001-2004 Laye Condé lives in a collective accommodation for refugees on the outskirts of Bremen. His roommates and friends describe him as a quiet, politically interested person. He is banned from working and is not allowed to leave Bremen without written permission from the foreigners registration office.
  • 2004 On the evening of December 27, Laye Condé is arrested by two Neustadt police officers in Bremen’s “Viertel” district and taken to police custody. There, with the help of the two policemen, the doctor Igor V. subjects him to an excruciating emetic ordeal: more than seven liters of emetic syrup and water are fed into his nose through a stomach tube against his will. Even after Laye Condé has already fallen into a coma, the torture continues because the doctor and the police officers are convinced that it is a simulation. Only after more than two hours is Laye Condé admitted to a hospital, where pulmonary edema and brain damage are diagnosed.
  • 2005 On January 7, Laye Condé dies at St. Joseph-Stift in Bremen of “celebral hypoxia secondary to drowning after aspiration during forced vomiting.” Laye Condé was drowned by the state through the violent administration of emetics.
  • Since 2006 On the anniversary of Laye Condé’s death, public commemorative events have been held annually in Bremen.
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