Selected media reports

Former Bremen police chief Lutz Müller on error culture: “Racial profiling must not exist”, taz, 07.08.2021

Racial continuity. The Lindenstraße case shows: Bremen is far from having freed itself from the racist thinking of colonialism. If the state continues in this way, it will hardly be able to keep up with the promised reappraisal. Notes on a future postcolo, taz, 02.05.2020

We are responsible, taz, 07.01.2020

In the loop of authorities. Arie Hartog on monuments: ‘City does not play a pioneering role’, Kreiszeitung, 11.01.2018.

Death after emetic administration in Bremen: Remembrance must be. Laye-Alama Condé died from the administration of emetics in custody of the Bremen police. For a long time, an initiative has been campaigning for a memorial. It’s high time it was installed, Spiegel, 20.01.2015.

Death after administration of emetics: Resistance demands a monument for Laye-Alama Condé. An initiative is calling for a monument for Laye-Alama Condé, who died ten years ago in police custody after using emetics. But the plan is met with outrage by some Bremen residents, Spiegel, 19.01.2015.

Monument for Laye Condé: What people want to remember. An initiative wants a memorial for Laye Condé, who died by giving the police emetics. Some critics don’t want to commemorate a dealer, taz, 19.01.2015.

Apology. Responsibility. I., Süddeutsche Zeitung, 03.01.2014.

Difference in judgment. Of the five reasons why it is allowed to kill African dealers with impunity in Bremen, Extrablatt #5, 2009.

X Entschädigung für alle Betroffenen von Brechmittelfolter