Over 1,000 administrations of emetics also mean over 1,000 police interventions. As early as 1995, the Anti-Racism Office Bremen documented a large number of cases in the brochure ‚Polizisten die zum Brechen reizen‘’ (‘Police officers who provoke... Weiter

People affected report

1991-1995Here are documented statements of affected persons made in Bremen in the 1990s. The reports were published in 1995 in the brochure “Polizisten, die zum Brechen reizen” (“Policemen who provoke to vomit”) by the Anti-Racism... Weiter

Selected media reports

Former Bremen police chief Lutz Müller on error culture: “Racial profiling must not exist”, taz, 07.08.2021 Racial continuity. The Lindenstraße case shows: Bremen is far from having freed itself from the racist thinking of colonialism. If the state... Weiter

Not an isolated case

The killing of Laye Condé was not an isolated incident, racist (police) violence is not an isolated incident. It has a system. Many people affected and solidary supporters have formed alliances nationwide to name this violence, to make it visible and to stand up for... Weiter
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