Not an isolated case

The killing of Laye Condé was not an isolated incident, racist (police) violence is not an isolated incident. It has a system. Many people affected and solidary supporters have formed alliances nationwide to name this violence, to make it visible and to stand up for... Weiter


2005 One week after Laye Condé’s death, over 2,000 people demonstrate in Bremen against racist police violence. Since 2006 On the anniversary of Laye Condé’s death, activists organize public commemoration events in Bremen. In the first years, the „Caravan for the... Weiter

BREMEN TRIALS 2006 – 2013

2006 The Bremen Public Prosecutor’s Office brings charges against Igor V., an employee of the Medical Evidence Preservation Service. Accusation: negligent homicide. 2007 In the course of an out-of-court settlement, the City of Bremen pays 10,000 Euros to Laye Condé’s... Weiter

LAYE CONDÉ 1969 – 2005

1969 Laye Condé is born in Kabala/Sierra Leone as the first child of his family. He has several siblings. 2000 At the age of 31, he decides to flee to Europe due to the local political and socio-economic situation. 2001 Laye Condé arrives in Hamburg and is... Weiter

EMETIC TORTURE 1991 – 2006

1991 In Bremen, police doctor Männche injects victims with emetics for the first time without an official order. 1992 The distribution of emetics is institutionalized by the Bremen coalition (Ampelkoalition: SPD, FDP, Green Party). Over the next three years, emetics... Weiter
X Entschädigung für alle Betroffenen von Brechmittelfolter